Harvey Feldman Counseling ,  LLC

Clinical and Consulting Services

Individual Therapy

Harvey Feldman Counseling offers individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults, from a person centered perspective. With this approach, the therapist and client align and work together to help the client meet their goals. Person-centered therapy is non-directive, and assumes that the client is the expert of their own life. 

Family Support and Therapy

Family support is often an integral part of the therapeutic process, particularly for children and adolescents. Family support can be short term and focused on providing education and resources for the family system so that positive and effective change can occur. Family support and therapy is a required part of HFC's treatment for gender diverse children and adolescents. 

Training and Consultation

Harvey Feldman Counseling can provide short term consultation and training in clinical issues of gender diversity. Harvey has extensive experience in training diverse audiences in issues of difference and inclusion, including residential treatment centers, public and independent schools, and other organizations.  Please reach out with questions regarding this service. 

Letters of Medical Necessity 

Transgender and gender nonconforming people over 18 may need letters of medical necessity to access gender affirming medical care. HFC can provide letters within an informed consent model, for those able to make their own medical decisions. Please contact HFC for more information. HFC  is also part of the GALAP network of providers.

Insurance and Payment

Harvey Feldman Counseling accepts private pay clients, Blue Cross Blue Shield/New Hampshire Anthem, Optum Network, Tufts, and Cigna. A reduced rate is possible for those with demonstrated financial need. Please contact Harvey for more information regarding this option.